About Velour


The Velour story started back in 1997 when Per Andersson rummaged through the store of his grandmother’s old ready-to-wear shop, which closed in the mid eighties after 50 years of business. He decided to make use of this asset and opened Nostalgi together with a couple of friends. The shop sold the dead stock clothes together with re-makes, art and design and became a forum for the Göteborg independent scene. It also attracted international attention. Nostagi’s creative customers inspired the Velour team to, in 2002 take the step towards designing their own clothes; and the first Velour collection was launched in 2005.

Today the Velour team consists of a dozen people including founder and ad Per Andersson. Velour can be found in more than 100 selected retail shops, mainly situated in the Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. On the European continent it can be found in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and in the United Kingdom. Overseas Velour is represented in Canada, Australia, Japan and the U.S.

Velour’s nerve springs out of their history, eclectic inspiration and their values. Velour is offering a perfect fit and beautiful details, leaving it up to the wearer to create his or her own individual style, offering key pieces or a whole



Göteborg, or Gothenburg, is the ‘second city’ of Sweden. It lies on the fjord of the country’s west coast, at the mouth of the Göta River, and looks across the Kattegat strait to the tip of Denmark, then, peering around Norway’s rump, out to the North Sea and Scotland. Göteborg rests on three legs: the sea, the harbour based industry and the underground music scene. Its population, around half a million, is headstrong, tough and creative. The sea has traditionally been the main provider of work, with fishing and transport, but during the last few decades the harbour and its industries have lost their dominance. Still the nautic Göteborg influence is visible and the nearness to the archipelago is present making the city a popular residential area.

The creative culture has developed in the shade of the capital, based on a strong diy ethic. Increasingly musicians, artists, designers and enthusiastic entrepreneurs – the youthful culture that gives the city its raffishness and economic vitality – are staying in, or returning to Göteborg and signs of Göteborg’s newfound urban felicity are found everywhere. Musical artists have attained international success; and the Göteborg fashion labels are becoming global cult favourites and economic drivers.

Proud of its working class heritage, the citizens of Göteborg, Göteborgarna, are known for their relaxed attitude and humour. The friendly atmosphere is constantly present in Göteborg and the intimacy gives a vibrant atmosphere. The creative atmosphere together with the fact that you can meet everyone in a single night out means that the city is a homely yet exciting place to live and work.

The Long Streets in the Linné district, where the Velour studio is situated, represent a bottom-up scene of the classic mixed-use variety: coffee shops, galleries, artist studios, recording labs and sex shops all sit side by side, sharing
the same precious urban oxygen. This origin gives a unique feeling to Velours design and brand.

Feelgood preppy


The overall design concept of Velour springs out of a classic preppy look with traditional garments redesigned in a new stylish, yet effortless, way. We call this Feelgood Preppy. This style has Swedish west coast influences and addresses curious individuals who have an interest in trends but, unlike the fashion slave, are reflective and make their own interpretation. They appreciate genuineness and are, by Velour, offered an alternative to the ordinary fashion brands through everyday icons such as cardigans, check shirts, parkas and trench coats. Colours
are sober – like marine blue and brown – with colourful accents. These colours together with the prints and patterns are carefully created where every pigment, image and square has its place. All joined together in a perfect fit.